Hilo Fish Company works in partnership with the Pacific Aquaculture and Coastal Resource Center (PACRC) University of Hawaii at Hilo to find new environmentally responsible ways to meet the growing demand of seafood. As global consumption increases, Hilo Fish Company will continue to lead this charge of sustainable aquaculture to ensure that generations to come will also enjoy our ocean’s rich seafood.

Current Aquaculture projects:

Hilo Ha’aheo Oyster

Grown in the pristine waters of Hawaii, on the shoreline of Keaukaha, The hilo Ha’aheo oysters are sweet and delicate in flavor. Raised with aloha these oysters truly are the pride of Hilo!
Hilo Fish Company and PACRC operate a fully integrated aquaculture facility, from hatch to harvest.



Upcoming aquaculture project:

  • Limu: Gacilaria coronopofolia (Manuea); Gracilaria parvispora (ogo); Codium edule (Wawaeole); Caulerpa spp. (sea grapes)
  • Hawaii Fish species: Moi, Nabeta