Hilo Fish sources fresh and frozen seafood from over 20 different countries. We have both domestic and imported Seafood available. We can produce custom cut or unique products tailored to your specifications. Hilo Fish also carries a variety of species cuts and sizes of Frozen products stored in Hawaii and throughout the continental US.

All of our processors adhere to all USFDA mandated HACCP regulations. We also have a full time Quality Control Specialists that inspect facilities in various countries we purchase from. Their sole duty is to ensure our products are of the utmost premium quality and to assist facilities to maximize production, certify freshness, and observe all food safety procedures. Steps include inspection of the product fresh off the fishing vessels, to the processing procedures then onto the packaging and shipping.

We further retain independent labs to random test production runs as an additional quality control measure before our products are sold in the US. All products are labeled accordingly to conform to the Country of Origin Labeling (CoOL) Law. These measures reassure our customers that they are receiving premium quality products, required specifications are met and all safety and fair labor guidelines have been enforced. We source our products from manufacturers who have 3rd party certifications such as GSFI, BRC, USDC, ISO, CSR and ACC. Due to the dynamic nature of fisheries and aquaculture, our Sustainability Statement will continue to evolve as required.

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